The Theology of Zion
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The basic premise behind the theology that underpins Zion Projects' work is the belief that when God builds anything that expresses His Kingdom on the Earth he has always chosen to do it in a pattern that has been revealed in the Holy Scriptures, namely in four main categories:

1. Holy of Holies
2. Holy Place
3. Outer Courts
4. Nations

Applying the theological insights gained from looking at this way of the mission of extending God's Kingdom, we also were greatly influenced by Bishop Tom Wright – Canon Theologian at St. Andrew's, Edinburgh – when he spoke at the Winchester Diocesan Conference "Living the Mission of Jesus" at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick in September 2013 where he confirmed the temple as a key theological paradigm for the Mission of God through the church. Please spend a moment hearing an extract of his presentation in the video to your left.

We have also been greatly encouraged by the theological endeavour over many decades of Professor Greg Beale and particularly his work on temple and mission which is also highly recommended.

Therefore in applying the theology of Zion to the Eastleigh Borough, Zion Projects would see the following categories of their work in accordance with the objects of the charity:

    Our personal relationship with Jesus is fostered by what has traditionally been known as discipleship. At Zion Projects we believe the primary means of discipleship is time spent with the Lord in His presence studying His Word. We believe the study of the word releases the John 7 "Springs of Living Water" within us by His Spirit as promised by Jesus for the New Testament era. Therefore, Zion Projects undertakes:

        Zion Projects convenes a quarterly gathering of interested persons to consider the news and see if there is any answer to the question "is there any Word from the Lord?" for the nation, which can then be applied to the borough. The Eastleigh Prophetic Hub therefore meets to consider this question and has done since early 2003.

        As personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the holiest experience of all, we believe that united prayer across the region is something of great significance in that Psalm 133 says that dwelling together in such unity "commands the blessing".

        (1) The Dew of Hermon Prayer meeting prays for the church and kingdom initiatives across the borough.

        (2) Peace of Jerusalem gathers people across the borough to pray for Israel.

          Zion Projects believe that the Holy Place is anywhere where the worship of Jesus Christ takes place and therefore every expression of the church in the borough can be seen as a Holy Place. Please refer to the Connect Eastleigh website through this website which acts as a "signposting" tool to assist all sorts of collaborative work between the expressions of the church. In doing so, Zion Projects seeks to unite the Churches Together organisations of which there are three in the borough to come together on occasion to see if any collaborative opportunities exist to work together to present the Gospel of the Kingdom to the people of Eastleigh Borough.

            The demonstration of "Mercy Triumphing over Judgement" as set out in James 2:13b is the inspiration for the initiation and incubation of distinctly Christian initiatives and has been central to the Zion Projects' Vision from its outset. Please refer in the Outer Courts tab to

              This aspect of the Zion theology sees the vital need to remain committed to the presentation of the gospel message itself into the culture but also beyond the shores of these islands.

              Therefore Zion Projects is committed to assisting wherever possible the Pluto Vision of Miracle Street (see separate website for details) into Northern France using the paradigm of the fuel lines for the D-Day landings which were constructed in Eastleigh, where the coils were wound and then run all the way to the Isle of Wight and into Northern France, as a way of uniting the borough church to assist this part of the vision of Miracle Street in bringing the gospel to Northern France, The Netherlands and ultimately into Berlin.

              Zion Projects is also committed to research into the fact of the relocation of the RAF Base in Eastleigh in 1935 in exactly the same template to the Embakasi District of Nairobi in Kenya. Over time, it is hoped that an exciting collaborative mission from Eastleigh UK to the Eastleigh District of Nairobi, Kenya, will be a great witness to the wider general public of the way in which the Christian gospel seeks to respect the events of history and provide care to some of the poorest people on the African continent in an urban context linked to the history of Eastleigh.