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SHOW (South Hampshire Origins Workshop) exists to try and "show" a different way of engagement with UK culture on the subject of origins. 

It seeks to "show" that there is a better way than adopting polemical and adversarial "positions". Instead, we can "show" a different dynamic by seeking to foster healthy debate and ongoing collaborative discussion. In this way, it is our sincere hope that it will be possible to share insights on the origins issue by reference to the text and meaning of Holy Scripture (The Bible) on the one hand and the most up-to-date advances in scientific understanding of the facts, on the other.

SHOW believe there should be no disagreement as to facts. Where facts are not self-evident, it is all about evidence and theories. Such evidence can only be offered humbly, in either extrapolating or interpolating from the agreed facts, as, by definition, no human being was there at the origin of all things.

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South Hampshire Origins Workshop SHOW-ing the way forward in discussion as to origins!


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Mission statement
We seek to encourage open-minded scrutiny of the Darwinian evolutionary hypothesis and related human ideas which challenge the Christian faith as ‘...once for all delivered to the Saints (Jude vs 3- 4). We seek to expose it as incorrect science and explore the implications for true Christian faith. We seek to do this by lectures, workshops, leaflets, blogging, debates and any other opportunities that present themselves. We have neither the desire, nor resources in any event, to duplicate what has already been achieved by Creation Science organisations, and will not develop an extensive on-line information compendium but link to the great work that already exists.