Holy Place

Zion Projects considers all expressions of the New Testament Church to be the outworking of "colonies of the Kingdom of God" bringing the values of the Kingdom through the offer of public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ to God Our Father as led and filled by His Spirit.

Zion Projects upholds the traditional creedal statements of the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ in history. In this sense, it is conservative in terms of doctrine. That being said, Zion Projects believes that good doctrine without good practice is of no effect. Orthodoxy should always lead to orthopraxy! Zion Projects therefore believes that the Holy scriptures of the Christian faith (the Bible) are the key to understanding the revelation of God through Jesus Christ, His only Son. It is by His Holy Spirit that our Father in Heaven builds His church on the earth. Jesus Christ, as the eternal Son, is drawing a people unto Himself into the heart of His father by His Spirit.

For this reason, Zion Projects believes in the great principle within the Kingdom of God of "Freedom in Christ". This is reflected in Zion Projects' willingness to collaborate with each and every of the currently fifty identified expressions of the New Testament Church across the borough and hosts the website Connect-Eastleigh to facilitate such collaborative endeavours. Please refer to the website to assist you in any collaborative work across the region that you would like to endeavour, together with the list of all the wider social initiatives and the general vision of Eastleigh Borough Council, which we pray will help all expressions of the church across the region to be effective in working through the implications of being an exilic church at the beginning of the 21st century in UK culture.