Zion Projects fully supports the Pluto Vision element of Miracle Street. Please refer to the
Miracle Street website for details.

Because of Zion Projects' commitment to the Eastleigh Borough and its destiny, Zion Projects believes that Miracle Street have seen a very significant prophetic paradigm for the proclamation of the gospel into Northern France and beyond.

Zion Projects seeks to coordinate a borough-wide all-church inclusive "coalition of love" to draw on the fact in history that Cable Street / Drum Road / Pluto Road in Eastleigh are all so named, because of the Pirelli works being used by the UK and allied forces in preparation for the D-Day Landings of 1944. The pipeline was wound on coils and drums at the Eastleigh Pirelli works, and then via Sandown on the Isle of Wight the pipes were laid under the ocean to provide fuel for the D-Day allied forces seeking to bring liberation to the continent of Europe.

The idea that a borough might be used by the Lord to bless an island to evangelise a continent is a key revelation for Zion Projects. So far the work has primarily focused on Northern France but opportunities for extending the work into The Netherlands and ultimately to Berlin is the vision.


Zion Projects is committed to helping send interested parties to the land of Israel. Zion Projects are convinced there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding in regard to the issue of Israel and church in UK church and wider culture. To this end, Zion Projects seeks to facilitate and assist a bi-annual trip from the region to Israel led by the Reverend David Snuggs and his wife Diana. David is now retired from the CofE professional ministry but has, since 2005, led regular bi-annual trips to the land of Israel to assist learning, discussion and to facilitate a wider appreciation of the theological, social and political issues surrounding the discussion of Israel, the UK and the church within the UK in particular. The next trip is planned for March 2018.


Zion Projects believes the Lord has revealed to them that there is something of significance in the historic decision of the RAF base at Eastleigh to move to Nairobi in Kenya in 1935. In replicating the base in Kenya, the exact same topographical template was used when it was placed in the Embakasi district of Nairobi. The geographical area is still known as Eastleigh and is the Somalian quarter of Nairobi city in the present day.

As Eastleigh was the first place in the world where the phrase "Air Port" was used, Zion Projects believe it is significant to the destiny of Eastleigh to revisit its history as a place of connection by road, rail and air to the place where that connection can be re-found prophetically today. Therefore early research and work is being undertaken to see if the sharing of the gospel from Eastleigh UK to Eastleigh Nairobi, Kenya can be facilitated to strengthen the church of the borough in Eastleigh but also to greatly encourage the Kenyan church in its ministry to the Somalian people in its nation.