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The story so far...
Zion Projects initiated Christian-based community festivals, known as LifeOutside, in 2005, 2006 and 2007. These festivals were unique in the local area in that they celebrated Worship, Discipleship and Service traditions within the Christian faith, such as prayer, song and Bible Study, coupled with opportunities for social care into the community. Modelled and encouraged by The Message in Manchester in 2000 and Soul in the City in London in 2004, the coupling of proclamation of the Christian gospel message, together with social action, was re-found.
Encouraging the Church with Regional Opportunities

To achieve the delivery of Kingdom the regional Church of Eastleigh must arise! The Lord Jesus has chosen His people to be his primary revelation of His purposes. Zion Projects is therefore primarily committed to helping the Church in the region to grow and achieve the full stature the Lord intends.

Zion Projects therefore facilitates the following area-wide initiatives for the church of Eastleigh:

1. Eastleigh “Dew of Hermon” (from Psalm 133) - For leaders and their people to share vision and good news in prayer (first Saturday of every month in various locations across the region).

2. Eastleigh Maranatha Gathering - a meeting of Christian men and women to pray for the nation on a quarterly basis across the region. (Link Maranatha website here)

3. Eastleigh CVM – The Eastleigh region branch of the National Movement for Men's Ministry known as "Christian Vision for Men". (Link CVM website here)

4. Eastleigh KBI – This Kingdom Business Initiative encourages Christian men and women in business in the region to gather on the first Monday of every month for a breakfast in Eastleigh Town Centre to seek to establish the role of private sector business in enhancing community and wellbeing.

5. Eastleigh Mosaic – A gathering of 18 – 40 year olds across the region three or four times a year to gain insight from national / international speakers to assist them in "thinking outside the box" to be initiators of creative change in society on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ.